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How do you cook a whole fish? It couldn’t be easier, once you have decided on your type of fish the rest is easy. Find the type(s) of fish you’re looking for. If you’re new to cooking whole fish, I’d suggest starting with a white-fleshed fish like mahi mahi, sea bass, branzino, or red snapper.

Keep an eye out for signs of freshness. Look for the following items in particular:
Eyes that are clear and plump (not cloudy) (not deflated).
A solid and lustrous flesh (it should bounce back a bit when touched).
Reasonably consistent colour (avoid fish that has browned around the edges).
Bright pink/red gills that are wet (not slimy or dry).
Smell the fish. It will undoubtedly smell “fishy,” but it should hopefully always smell fresh and like the water from which it came, rather than being too smelly. Look at what is the best fish to eat? For ideas.

Ask the fish seller to prepare the fish for you:
Make a request for your fish to be prepared for roasting. Because, good news, this isn’t something you’ll have to do on your own! Request that your new fish friend weighs, gut, and rinse the fish. Also, let them know you’re going to cook your whole fish in the oven, and they’ll prepare it accordingly. (Note: depending on the market, the fins and slits in the side of the fish may or may not be removed.) You can ask them to remove or complete the steps yourself at home. It’s simple. For more excellent fish recipes look at Marco Pierre White books for inspiration.

Roasted whole fish
can be prepared and seasoned in a variety of ways. However, my preferred method is exceptionally straightforward. What you’ll need is:
Your Fish: It should be ready to eat the same day you bought it for optimum freshness. As previously mentioned, I would start with a white-fleshed fish like mahi mahi, sea bass, branzino, or red snapper.
Extra virgin olive oil: is not used only standard processed olive oil is used. OR any other high-temperature oil, as we’ll be cooking these at 450°F.
Garlic: For the inside of the cod, minced fresh garlic, plus garlic powder for the skin on the outside.
Lemon: I’d suggest using about one whole lemon per fish, half for slicing and stuffing on the inside and half for squeezing on the outside once the fish is fried.
Fresh herbs: for stuffing the fish inside, use a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme.
Salt and pepper.

Preparation of fish
The prep time for the roasted fish should be fast and straightforward. (It’ll just take about 5 minutes!)

Rinse the fish and pat it dry. When you get home, I suggest giving the fish another good rinse. Then, using a paper towel, lightly pat it dry before transferring it to a foil-lined baking sheet.

The fish must be scored. If the fish counter did not do it for you, cut slits about an inch apart across the top of the fish with a knife.

Brush the fish all over with oil. Clean the outside of the fish generously on both sides with a high-smoke-point oil, making sure to get the oil inside the slits you just cut. Then lightly brush some oil into the fish’s inner cavity.

Fill the cavity with your fresh herbs, lemon slices, and garlic are recommended in this recipe. Often, make sure to stuff the garlic into the cavity of the fish; otherwise, it will burn if left exposed.

Season the fish, I suggest seasoning the exterior of the fish with a generous amount of sea salt, freshly cracked black pepper, and garlic powder. Plus a little on the inside cavity.

Fish roasting in the oven
So, if you’ve been wondering how to cook fish in the oven, good news: this step is also straightforward.
Cook your fish at 450°F for 18-20 minutes, or until it flakes easily with a fork. (Cooking time varies depending on the form and size of the fish.) Then take it out of the oven.
Add lemon juice: Squeeze the remaining half of the lemon over the whole baked fish in an even layer.
Serve right immediately.

Suggestions for serving the whole fish:
The following are some of my favourite recipes to serve with this whole baked fish:
A tasty salad, such as my favourite everyday salad recipe (shown above) or a classic Greek salad.
Steamed artichokes, for example, are a vegetable that doesn’t need oven space.
Crusty bread.

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