Fish Recipes For Weddings

Fish recipes are the lightest and healthiest of the regular proteins eaten at weddings. A favourite fish entrée is grilled salmon with lemon caper sauce, but halibut or sea bass are also famous.

What kind of fish should you serve at a wedding?

Start simply with a tomato salad or a rich soup, or serve crab cakes and terrines as an appetizer. You can serve excellent grilled salmon, halibut, or sea bass as your main dish. Also take a look at spicy Indian fish recipes which are full of flavour.

Fish served at a wedding reception
Fish is the first food brought around in deep round platters at wedding banquets, with one guy holding it and the other serving it onto the waiting banana leaves. It can be patra ni machhi, or fish wrapped in banana leaves, but most commonly, it’s pomfret in a sweet-and-sour sauce made with eggs and vinegar, with just cooked cherry tomatoes sprinkled on top. There isn’t an alarming portion of a pomfret. Therefore the servers seem to have the right to murmur about everyone wanting tails.

This dish could have been a nineteenth-century Parsi version of the dull English-style fish in white sauce. Other, more sophisticated variations exist, but I like my mother’s method because of its relative simplicity. The dish can be made with various white-fleshed fish, such as pompano, snapper, flounder, cod, sea bass, or the Parsi favourite, pomfret; it can also be made with shrimp.

What would you serve with fish?
Serve delicious fish with a bright green vegetable like zucchini or spinach or a simple lime-and-salt-dressed dish of sliced cucumbers and ginger for added colour on the plate.

Shrimp or fish

12 pound white fish steaks, thick fillets, or chunks, or 1 pound peeled and deveined small to medium shrimp
Two tablespoons oil (vegetable)
One tsp cumin seeds (lightly crushed)
Three garlic cloves, thinly sliced
Six green chillies slit through to the stem
One medium onion, thinly sliced
One medium chopped or shredded tomato (optional; leave out if you want a white sauce)
One teaspoon cayenne pepper or chilli powder (Indian)
12 cup fresh coriander (cilantro) stems and leaves, chopped
Three quarts liquid

A dozen big eggsOne tbsp sugar (granulated)34 cup rice vinegar or cane vinegarOne cup cherry tomatoes, tinySix coriander (cilantro) sprigs for garnish.


To prepare the fish
Season it with salt. Heat the oil in a large and deep pan to contain the fish and its poaching liquid, cook for a minute with the cumin seeds, garlic, and chillies. Add the onion and cook it until it softens but does not brown add the optional tomato. Cayenne pepper and fresh coriander should be added now. Add salt, then water, give the mixture a good stir. Raise the temperature of the poaching liquid to high. Reduce the heat to low and cook for 15 minutes. Add the salmon and heat it gently until it is just cooked through. Please remove it from the cooking liquid with care and place it on a warm serving dish. Keep the cooking liquid aside.

To make the sauce
Mix the eggs, sugar, and vinegar just before serving. Over low to moderate heat, pour the mixture into the poaching liquid without allowing it to boil. This is a critical point. Combine the poaching liquid and eggs in a small saucepan with a whisk and heat until they thicken into a creamy sauce. Salt and sweetness should be tasted. Add the cherry tomatoes and heat them just enough to prevent them from collapsing into the sauce before serving the dish, but not so much that they squirt when you bite into them. Over the fish, pour the sauce. Sprinkle a few coriander sprigs on top.

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