Fish Recipes – What Can You Serve With Fish?

It’s challenging to know what to serve with fish, you can choose a summer option such as salad or winter such as potatoes. This lean protein is exceptionally flexible and adds a distinct flavour to any dish. You’ll want to choose a side dish that complements the taste of the fish. With a mismatched pairing, it’s all too simple to overwhelm the fish. There are many fish to choose from including salmon, cod, seafood and pollock.

What is the healthiest method of preparing fish?
Overall, the healthiest cooking methods save the most nutrients and decrease the development of hazardous chemicals while limiting the loss of good omega-3 fats. Sous vide, microwaving, baking, steaming, and poaching your fish are your best chances in general. A light fish dish is fish recipes using shrimp.

Serving Ideas for Fish
Pair your fish dinner with one of these delectable sides to confidently serve a superb feast. Add some roasted veggies to your plate to keep it light, or soothing rice pilaf for a heartier supper. You can finally stop guessing what to serve with fish, no matter how your plate is presented.

What to serve with fish – home side dishes

Pilaf de Rice
Rice pilaf is a mildly seasoned rice dish that goes great with the main fish course. The spice brings out the subtle nutty flavour of the rice grains. Pilaf is ideal for when you need something to warm you up while also sticking to your tummy. You’ll have a supper that will keep you going if you pair it with a roasted filet of tilapia or fish. Hunker down with this warm and comforting fish combo on a cold winter night.

Greek Potatoes, Roasted
Another starchy side that works nicely with fish is potatoes. This roasted Greek potato recipe is seasoned with traditional Greek spices and makes a delicious side dish. These potatoes are super easy to cook and require one sheet pan, making cleanup a breeze. The crispy outside layer is exquisite, while the soft and starchy core is just what a potato should be.

Rice with Cheesy Cauliflower
Try this cheesy cauliflower rice recipe if you desire rice but don’t want to eat too many carbs. Cauliflower is lower in calories and has the same delicious texture as typical rice meals. For a dish that is sure to please, the cheese sauce is pleasantly creamy. The basis of this meal is lighter, with a thick sauce on top. What more could you possibly want?

Fries de France
For our British friends, fish and chips are a traditional fast dish. Pair your fish with this recipe for French fries to recreate this delectable dinner. This dish contains all of the characteristics of a great French fry recipe. To end, it features a crunchy, salty outside layer that isn’t too oily, as well as a warm, pillowy inside layer. Cook a bag of potatoes to round out your dinner.

Skewers of Grilled Vegetables
The mix of fish and vegetables is perfect! These skewers are the ideal accompaniment to fish dinners! You’ll add a smoky flavour to the vegetable skewers by grilling them, which goes nicely with their natural flavourings and seasonings. These veggie skewers are easy to make but sophisticated enough to be a restaurant-quality addition to any meal.

Salad Panzanella
This Tuscan-inspired Panzanella salad is made with bread, onion, garlic, basil, and tomato. As a result, you’ll get a salad with a lot of intense tastes! Each element works well with the others, and they’re all brought together by a fantastic vinaigrette dressing. This salad goes well with fish or any other dish! It’s so delicious that you might want to eat it every night!

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