Garlic Butter Fish Recipe

Pan-fried with garlic butter sauce, garlic butter fish is one of the best fish recipes. This recipe for garlic butter fish takes 20 minutes to prepare. For a filling meal, serve alone or with pasta. Try to incorporate two fish recipe meals per week into your diet.

Fish Recipes
You may make this fish recipe with baked cod, swai fish, or tilapia.
The firm white fish halibut is a popular option. It has a mild, delicate flavor and the perfect texture for making homemade fish dishes. Get some new halibut fillets from your nearest seafood market because they are so delicious. This is a simple fish recipe and easy to make.

Fish dishes with garlic and parsley, as well as a lemon butter sauce. You can use the fish in two recipes: Ginger Soy Fish and this simple Garlic Butter Fish. Garlic butter fish is one of the very best fish recipes. Garlic and butter are two magical ingredients that complement a wide range of proteins, including fish.

Garlic Butter Sauce

How do you make a garlic butter sauce for fish?
This magical sauce is simple to make and only requires four ingredients:
Garlic, minced
butter that has been melted
juice of lemon
parsley, chopped

For the best Garlic Butter Sauce recipe, each ingredient’s perfect ratio is crucial.
This Garlic Butter Fish recipe is similar to those served at seafood restaurants, but it’s made at home and much less expensive. The dish works well as a main course or alongside a basic pasta dish.

Tips for cooking
Make sure to use a firm white fish. You may also use cod, mahi-mahi, or pollock instead of halibut.
While the fish is frying, gently turn it over with a wooden spatula. Make sure you don’t break the fish.

How many calories per serving?
Fish is highly nutritious and low in calories. Each serving of this recipe contains only 346 calories.

What dishes can you serve with this recipe?
With a garlic butter dipping sauce, this meal is best eaten as a main course. The following recipes are perfect for a healthy meal and a quick weeknight dinner.

firm white fish fillet, 12 oz. (340 g) (halibut, cod, or pollock fillet)
black pepper
ground salt
cayenne pepper, three dashes
corn starch (2 tbsp.)
two teaspoons oil (cooking)
wedges of lemon

Garlic butter sauce
Three garlic cloves, minced
1/2 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 stick (4 tablespoons) salted butter, melted
one tablespoon parsley, chopped

To make pan-frying easier, cut the fish into pieces that are not too thin. Salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper are used to season the fish. Corn starch should be used to coat the fish.

To make the Garlic Butter Sauce, combine all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Preheat a skillet over medium heat (preferably non-stick). Add the cooking oil and, once it’s hot, pan-fry the fish in a single layer until crispy and golden brown on both sides. Flip the fish over gently with a wooden spatula or tongs.

Drain the fish on paper towels after removing it from the skillet. Toss the fish in the Garlic Butter Sauce and serve with lemon wedges right away.

This recipe calls for halibut, but if you don’t want to use halibut, use firm white fish instead.

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